about Sino-Euro Limited

to build knowledge capacity and value utilizing our synergies and experience.

Sino-Euro is operational in principle since 2006, formed after handling Chinese projects in Europe and European projects in China.

Sino-Euro Limited is now incorporated to provide functional competences to support our business and commercial enterprise projects.

Sino-Euro as an entity develops around scope for cultural dialogue specialization and exchange.

Sino-Euro can internationalize online presence and responsiveness through agency, leveraging specific brands and in terms of corporate or project horizon.

Sino-Euro can draw on a strong history of academic and research collaboration by Europeans and Chinese specialists across a number of disciplines including education, pedagogy, sociology, public health, media and culture.

Sino-Euro aims to develop further capacity to propose market entry points for lines with competent Chinese partner trading enterprises, charitable foundations, cultural and educational institutions.

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email :: t@sino-euro.uk